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About initiations and driving sessions

Driving sessions take place at several motor racing circuits, including Nevers Magny-Cours, Dijon-Prenois, Le Castellet or Barcelona/Catalunya. Our race-track driving school has more than ten years of experience in the organization of driving and initiation sessions for private individuals and business groups. LRS Formula takes its know-how wherever it is needed. Regardless of where in the world (Asia, Americas, etc.) you wish to schedule a race-car driving program, either corporate or private, LRS Formula can work with you on your project. Over our many years of experience, we have developed a network of specialists in all parts of the world.

First and foremost, LRS Formula wants to be a “dream maker” and our goal has always been to give people a chance to drive genuine Formula One cars and exclusive GT models. We schedule our driving sessions in the greater Paris area, on the Magny-Cours circuits, in Dijon, on the Paul Ricard (Castellet) circuit, at Spa-Francorchamps, at Monza or at the Hungaroring (Budapest). More recently we went to Abu Dhabi for a world premiere (“Live Your Dream”). LRS Formula operates a fleet of cars that is unique in the world, with eight Formula One models (three Prost AP04, three Arrows A17, A18 and A21, one Benneton B198 and one Williams FW21). There are no prior requirements for participants in F1 sessions. Before getting behind the wheel of one of those powerful cars, participants receive training in a practice vehicle, all in the same day. LRS Formula has a fleet of thirteen 2-liter Formula Renault race cars, the ideal vehicle for learning how to drive a single-seater under the best possible conditions. With their extremely high performance and unmatched ease of handling, the vehicles best prepare you for your Formula One experience and provide a memorable driving experience. The company also owns seven 7 GT cars (Ferrari F360 Challenge, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche Cayman). The fleet, which is based at Magny-Cours, further includes two unique three-seat Formula One cars and a Formula Renault two-seater. They are the best tools you can find to share the experience of a race-car driver and to undergo a life change, as guaranteed by the offers in our catalog.

LRS Formula’s unique expertise has also given rise to another line of business, under the name Eau Rouge Club, namely the restoration and sale of modern Formula One cars. At issue here is no longer just driving a Formula One car but actually owning one. Eau Rouge Club provides a complete custody and care service for its members’ race cars and arranges for their transportation to circuits. All of this is done under the umbrella of a club, in which membership is among the world’s most exclusive.

Briefly put LRS Formula is there for you when you wish to celebrate a birthday, give someone a Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day present, or when you just want to highlight a special moment in your life. Practice sessions on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Formula One or Formula Renault vehicles are held for you, for your personal enjoyment and to keep forever in your memory. LRS Formula has also noticed that driving experience sessions were frequently associated with Father’s Day (sessions on special GT cars, Formula One and Formula Renault vehicles). They are a perfect gift that is universally appreciated. Come and experience driving the Barcelona Catalunya circuit in a Formula Renault. The single-seater with a 200-hp engine and a Tatuus chassis will give you all the thrills you wanted. You will be coached by professional racers and have an opportunity to improve your driving skills, all in a single day. The driving sessions consists of eleven laps at the wheel of a Formula Renault race car.

Driving sessions and initiations are not just for men. Even though car racing is mainly a male sport – and exclusively so in the case of the Formula One championship – women are not barred from it.  While few of them participate in race-track driving sessions, either in single-seaters or in GT cars, those who do so are highly enthusiastic. Anyone who seeks to have a racing-car experience, whether man or woman, seeks the thrills and has the desire to make their dreams a reality. For example, people who were initiated to the formula-one world in a three-seater speak of their astonishment at how the vehicles cling to the road, their engine acceleration power and braking capabilities. Regardless of the sports car selected for the driving or initiation session, or of the circuit on which it takes place, all testify as to how happy they are to have realized a dream and lived extraordinary moments. The first emotional moment occurs at the dressing up stage: fire-resistant coveralls, boots, gloves and helmet. Then comes the instructor’s briefing, during which the participants’ impatience or apprehension intensify. They then climb into a GT speedster such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or other FR or F1 single seater .  When the engines are turned on, the dream begins to turn into reality and the thrills become physical. The actual take-off on the track is a high point as heartbeats accelerate under the impact of the emotion. You’ve just embarked on an extraordinary experience!

Prices differ substantially, as does the length of the driving or initiation session. Participants receive the appropriate instructions and advice in terms of driving technique and safety rules, whether they are in a Formula One car, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Ferrari F360, F 430 or F458. They are also provided with the necessary equipment. For Formula One initiations, the cars are modified to accommodate two passengers in addition to the driver. Even when participants are not behind the wheel, the sensations are exhilarating, as they race around the track at speeds they could never reach on their own. The three-seat Formula One cars are designed to make it possible for passengers to get a close-up view of the car’s trajectories and the skills of the professional pilot, with an unobstructed view of the front of the car and the driver’s hands. A guaranteed shot of adrenaline! The driving sessions can last from half a day to two full days and may be held on a variety of racing circuits, both fast and technical. You must accordingly consider the tracks’ configuration when deciding where to test your driving skills. The technical demands vary depending on whether you drive the Dijon or Magny-Cours circuits in France or Catalunya in Spain, for instance. In a Formula One, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, the experience varies depending on whether you are on a very fast circuit or one that is very technical. At smaller tracks, spectators such as other participants in your group or friends can watch the cars and share the experience. The choice of a car depends on the preferences of the gift certificate’s recipient: Formula Renault, Formula 1, Porsche Cayman, Ferrari F360, F430 r F458, or Lamborghini Gallardo. The main thing is to find out what it feels like to be a race-car driver. If you are a company wishing to entertain its customers or reward its employees, we examine your needs and objectives before proposing the proper program, best suited to promote your business’ values or your message. The possibilities are endless: from half days in the Paris region to several-day packages in Spain or elsewhere. LRS Formula can also arrange for specific programs tailored to your needs.

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