The various representatives of the parties involved in F1 gathered Tuesday in Geneva to discuss some points of settlement.
It turns out that major decisions have been made, but not on major issues, as discussions on technical regulations have been postponed. On the other hand, a decision on the helmets of the pilots was taken.

Finally taken ... it will have to be buried at the World Motor Sport Council to be held on March 20, after the first race of the season.

That being said, the decision that should be made, is the fact of allowing only one helmet design for the spilot during the season. In recent years pilots have tended to change the livery of their helmets regularly, either to pay tribute to someone or to celebrate a date or an event. One recalls a number changing as often helmet as circuit. Sebastian Vettel is one of the most accustomed to this practice with no less than 60 different decoration in 139 departures ... This decision aims to make it easier to identify pilots and give them a stronger identity.

So pay attention to the drivers, a lousy helmet will follow you all the year, big pressure!