Driving experience

3 possibilities:

Bronze F1 Experience / WARM UP: Formula Renault +  Formula 1 650hp - Prost AP04 V8 ou Benetton B198

Gold F1 Experience/ PERFORMANCE: Formula Renault + Formula 1 750hp - Williams FW33

F1 Full Experience: Formula Renault + Formula 1 650hp + 3 Seater Formula one drive

Our collection of cars:

Two Prost AP04 2001:  the Prost Grand Prix F1 team. They finished 4th in the Belgian GP in Spa in 2001. The original Ferrari engine is replaced by a Cosworth V8 or Peugeot V10 engine for our driving experiences.
A Benetton B198 :  Built for the 1998 season, this chassis was originally equipped with a Mecachrome V10 engine replaced for our courses by a Cosworth V8 3.5L engine of 600 hp. Driven by Alexander Wurz and Giancarlo Fisichella, it will achieve pole position at the Austrian Grand Prix and the fastest lap in the race at the Argentine Grand Prix.

Two Williams FW33 2011 : This chassis uses the latest generation of Cosworth F1 engines generating more than 900 hp at 18000 rpm. Our chassis are in the race configuration. Drivers: Rubens Barrichello, Pastor Maldonado and Valteri Bottas.

Each of our cars has a pedigree in Grand Prix.

F1 Racetracks

Selected for their high levels of safety, their infrastructure but above all for their involvement in the F1 World Championships of yesterday and today, LRS FORMULA allows you to drive on the most prestigious circuits in Europe:

Magny-Cours Grand Prix (Bourgogne, France)
Magny-Cours Club (Bourgogne, France)
Dijon-Prenois (Bourgogne, France)
Barcelona - Catalunya ( Espagne)

Portimao-Algarve (Portugal)

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Take the wheel of a single-seater car

For decades, Formula Renault has been the learning ground for tomorrow's stars. Formula 1's 2008 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen became a Grand Prix driver just one year after winning the Formula Renault 2.0 series.

Formula Renault 2.0 is a multi-event motor racing championship initially created by Renault. Historically, it has been one of the most successful learning grounds and feeder series for drivers seeking to gain access to the pinnacle of racing. From four-time F1 World Champion Alain Prost to current defending champion Lewis Hamilton, many drivers have emerged from the ranks of Formula Renault.

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Driving experience

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