F1 Bronze Experience

 The F1 Bronze Experience combines an introduction with our Formula Renault and Formula 1 sessions on Prost AP 04 V8 or Benetton B198

F1 Prost V8 or Benetton B198 driving experience

Our bronze program is available on all our selected Formula 1 tracks we have selected: Magny Cours, Club and Grand Prix layouts, and Barcelona. For your first laps in an F1 car, you will have at your disposal our Prost V8 and Benetton B198 machines. Thanks to our support and instruction team you will learn to harness 650 hp, while seat time in a Formula Renault is also included. Gradually, you will ramp up your skills to reach an unforgettable experience.

Our Formula 1 driving programs, conceived and developed by true professional racers, put the emphasis on quality.
We will bring you all the tools and knowledge required for your Formula 1 initiation and coaching: driver briefings with our instructors, open-wheel track initiation with our Formula Renault, debriefing sessions, etc...

Each program includes an initiation and seat time with a Formula Renault (2 x 15 min) and comprehensive instruction. A progressive-based approach to learn the track and prepare for your big time Formula 1 experience.