F1 Silver Experience

Will you be able to touch the 16.500 limitator when you will dirve the legendary V10 engine with this incredible sound taht is so missing from the actual Formula 1!?

Unique experience driving a PROST AP04 or a JAGUAR R3 on Grand Prix racetracks!

play_circle_filledVideo of the experience

Jaguar R2 or Prost V10 driving experience

This package allows you to select two of our most powerful Formula 1 cars (700 hp): the Jaguar R2 and the Prost V10. Chassis and engine are in their original configurations, just as its livery. Our "Performance" program is a crucial part of your approach of driving an F1 car, and it only takes place at the Magny Cours and Barcelona Grand Prix circuits.

Our Formula 1 driving programs, conceived and developed by true professional racers, put the emphasis on quality.
We will bring you all the tools and knowledge required for your Formula 1 initiation and coaching: driver briefings with our instructors, open-wheel track initiation with our Formula Renault, debriefing sessions, etc...

Each program includes an initiation and seat time with a Formula Renault (2 x 15 min) and comprehensive instruction. A progressive-based approach to learn the track and prepare for your big time Formula 1 experience.

Enjoy payment in 3 instalments free of charge!