Formula 1 passenger discovery

Formula 1 passenger

An LRS Formula exclusive

Our 3-seater Formula 1 experience: two fast laps to sample the thrills of an F1 car.
We own two 3-seater Formula 1 cars which are quite unique. They have been specifically designed for the purpose of experiencing a Formula 1 car in earnest. The unique seating positions provides passengers with an uncompromised view of the track ahead of them as well as a better glance at the driver's work behind the wheel.
We currently have two versions of this unique LR3S Formula 1 machine: one powered by a Cosworth V8 engine, and the other powered by a V10 Peugeot. This 3-seater experience is available at the following tracks: Dijon, Magny Cours and Barcelona.
This experience will perfectly complete your Formula 1 driving program by allowing you to compare your skills with those of a professional driver. Our 3-seater will also help you share with those accompanying you part of your exciting F1 experience.