Magny-Cours CLUB circuit (58)

Location: Magny-Cours, Nièvre, France

Construction year: 2001

Length: 2,530km

Width: 10m

Banking: 2,5%

A technical racetrack

The Magny-Cours Club track, inaugurated in 2001, is about 250km south-east from Paris.
It offers every needed standards for a high leveled emotional day on the piste and all the difficulties you need to experiment when you learn how to drive a sport car or a single seater racecar: long straight lines (700m), turns, chicanes, pins and a rare high quality covering.

This racetrack is also perfectly secured with no walls or rails, avoiding any risk of leaving the road.

The Magny-Cours Club track welcomes Motoracing teams all year long, including Formula 1 teams that love to practice on this beautifull fast and banking racetrack.

Driver's point of view

This track has been built to give more clearances and help the begginers and experimented drivers approach, or even sometimes reach the limits of race car driving!