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Location: Le Castellet, Var , France

Construction year: 1970

Approval: FIA 1st degree

Length: 5,861km

Turns: 15

Best lap: Lewis Hamilton in 2019 - 1mn 28s 319 in Mercedes AMG F1 W10EQ Power+

Highlights of Paul Ricard's

The circuit was born in 1970 under the leadership of Paul Ricard with the advice of Jean-Pierre Beltoise and a few other experts in motor sports.

In 1982, six french drivers were on the grid of the french Grand Prix. Four of them finished at the four first positions of the race, René Arnoux and Alain Prost made it one-two for Renault for the first time.
In 1989, Alain Prost won just in front of Nigel Mansell, but it's a new young french driver Jean Alesi that made an achievement in starting 26th and finishing 4th of an intense race! This performance guaranted him a contract for the next season and also a beautifull carrier.

Designated the First Center of Excellence by the FIA institute for motor sport safety, 2005, homologated by the FIA in 2006, the circuit has re-opened its doors to the public in 2009 and now hosts events motor racing and bike, as well as runs a number of clubs and marketing operations.

Driver's point of view

The path, of oblong form, is characterized by the long straight line of the Mistral. Long (1.8 km), it can be altered by the chicane north which was built in 1986. 

The double right turn called le Beausset is one of the most difficult curves to apprehend because there are as much possible path as there are drivers! 
What a thrill to reach the limits!

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Location: Montmello, Catalunya, Spain.

Construction year: 1991

Approval: FIA 1st degree

Turns: 16

Length: 4,655km

Best lap: Valtteri Bottas in 2019 -1mn 15s 406 in Mercedes AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+

Highlights of Barcelona

In 1986 happened the most exciting finish of the Formula 1 history with only a hundredth of a second between Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell.

Second great battle happened in Barcelona again between Senna and Mansell in 1991 as they fought side by side along the pitlane. Mansell won the battle and the spanish Grand Prix.

In 2006, Fernando Alonso was the first spanish driver to win the national Grand Prix in Barcelona , Catalunya.
In 2016, after an accident between Nico Rosberg and his team mate Lewis hamilton (both in Mercedes), the dutchman Max Verstappen, 18 y-o, won the Grand Prix and became the youngest winner ever of the Formula 1 history.

Driver's point of view

Considered as one of the best tracks of the modern ones, Barcelona Catalunya is also one of the more secure.

Great fast curves, long straight lines and powerfull braking: all the required qualities are gathered to be the favorite track of the racing teams for their winter testing sessions.
During Grand Prix, only worldchampions won here!...

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Location: Magny-Cours, Nièvre, France

Construction year: 1986

Approval: FIA 1st degree

Length: 4,411km

Turns: 17

Best lap: fernando Alonso in 2004 - 1mn 13s 698 with Renault F1 R24

Magny-Cours Grand Prix has been built in 1986. 
The first edition of the Grand Prix de France in Magny-Cours took place in 1991 and was won by Nigel Mansell just in front of Alain Prost.

In 1999, Heinz Harald Frenzen won the race under a heavy rain and lots of overtakings thanks to a genius but risky strategy with only one pitstop and he finished just ahead from the great worldchampion Mika Hakkinen.

In 2002, Michael Schumacher guaranteed his 5th worldchampion title. Never has a driver ever been sacred as early in the F1 season as he did!

Driver's point of view

Designed from all the most difficult turns of all the most prestigious racetracks of the world, Nevers Magny-Cours offers a complete technical piste on a perfect track covering.

Looking like a billiard with its large gravel strays, a great diversity of fast and technical turns, long straight lines and powerfull braking, this track offers all the pleasures a driver can expect!

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Location: Prenois, Côte d'Or, France 

Construction year: 1972

Approval: FIA 2nd degree

Length: 3,8km

Best lap: Klaas Zwart in 2012 - 1mn 2s 213 with Jaguar F1 R5

Formula one golden era...

July 1979 on the Dijon Prenois track is the memorable fight ,in the last laps of the Grand Prix of France, between Gilles Villeneuve and René Arnoux for the second place which is putting Jean Pierre Jabouille's first victory in the shade!

Alain Prost won his first GP with Ferrari in 1981 and Niki Lauda was the last winner of the last Grand Prix in Dijon-Prenois.

Dijon-Prenois racetrack hosted five french Grand Prix and two swiss Grand Prix from 1974 to 1984.

Driver's point of view

This legendary track kept its attractiveness and authenticity since the 70's, and mixes it with a high level of safety as expected today.
The historic significant events and the great drivers who distinguished themselves at Dijon-Prenois can't let you indifferent to this racetrack!

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Location: Magny-Cours, Nièvre, France

Construction year: 2001

Length: 2,530km

Width: 10m

Banking: 2,5%

A technical racetrack

The Magny-Cours Club track, inaugurated in 2001, is about 250km south-east from Paris.
It offers every needed standards for a high leveled emotional day on the piste and all the difficulties you need to experiment when you learn how to drive a sport car or a single seater racecar: long straight lines (700m), turns, chicanes, pins and a rare high quality covering.

This racetrack is also perfectly secured with no walls or rails, avoiding any risk of leaving the road.

The Magny-Cours Club track welcomes Motoracing teams all year long, including Formula 1 teams that love to practice on this beautifull fast and banking racetrack.

Driver's point of view

This track has been built to give more clearances and help the begginers and experimented drivers approach, or even sometimes reach the limits of race car driving!

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Location: Château-Gaillard, Ain, France

Construction year: 2016

Approval: FFSA 1st category

Length: 1,7km

Quantity of turns: 10

A technical racetrack

Inaugurated in 2016, the new Bugey track got bigger to be able to offer better possibilities of progress in driving.
It's the perfect racetrack for a first time drinving experience!

Driver's point of view

The ideal view on the track from the deck will give the instructors the chance to guide you through your driving experience within all the best advices!

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Race track

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